Listen to U.S. Team Olympian Peter Frenette talk about today’s ski jumping event

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 13, 2010 1:20 pm

Lake Placid native Peter Frenette is still just 17 years old, ten days shy of his 18th birthday. He is also the youngest man on the U.S. Olympic Team. And not only is this his first Winter Olympics, the Normal Hill Ski Jumping event marked Frenette’s first outting on the international stage. He still has yet to compete in a World Cup event.

The youngster finished 41st today, which wasn’t his goal, but he has a positive perspective on the experience. “I’m one of the youngest to do it, so that’s good, looking forward to my career,” Frenette said. “It’s just a starting point. Hopefully, (I’ll) keep building from the Olympics and get better and hopefully be one of the best one day.”

Listen to him talk about the event and his performance by clicking here.

Frenette will again jump Friday during the qualification round of the Large Hill event. The medal round will take place on Saturday., Feb. 20.