Alexandre Bilodeau on becoming the first Canadian to win Olympic gold on Canadian soil

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 14, 2010 10:53 pm

Canada has a new hero tonight, and he’s going to be known forever. Alexandre Bilodeau won the nation’s first ever Olympic gold medal on Canadian soil, and the magnitude of the event is still sinking in. “I don’t think I realize it yet. It’s too good to be true,” Bilodeau told CTV after his win.”Canada still has so many goals to come. The party’s just starting for Canada.”

In fact, the party is starting all over Canada. Fans were happy Saturday night, when Jennifer Heil won the silver medal, though the 2006 Olympic gold medalist was expected to repeat her earlier win. In fact, Heil was thought to be Canada’s best chance for a gold medal, and when she came up with silver, those golden hopes were somewhat dampened.

Heil intuitively could sense her nation’s sentiments, however, and repeatedly told reporters that there were still more athletes who could take the top spot on the Olympic podium. She assured everyone of her teammates’ broad talent.

Enter Bilodeau. The Quebec native sat in second after the qualification round, and Frenchman Guilbaut Colas who was in first was  unlikely to falter. In fact, the consistent Colas has often stood atop World Cup podiums.

But Bilodeau remained calm at the top of the course, just before his run. Instead of getting nervous, he let go. “On top, I  thought how I have no regrets of what I’ve done over the last four years. I thought, there’s nothing more I can do, and what will happen will happen.,” Bilodeau said. “I knew what I had to do and my cue words were in my head.”

The historical gold medalist also credited his older brother, Frederic with his success. Frederic has cerebral palsy  and the way he’s handled it has helped strengthen Bilodeau. “My brother is my inspiration. He taught me so much in life.,” Bilodeau said “Growing up with a handicapped person teaches you a lot. This medal is his in so many ways.”

And it’s Canada’s medal, too.