US Snowboarding coach Bud Keene tells us what to expect from Shaun White and others at the Olympics

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 15, 2010 10:35 am

Check out Snowboard magazine’s interview of US Snowboarding coach Bud Keene. Bud has been working specifically with Shaun White throughout 2009 and into this year to help him get another gold medal at the Winter Games. What can we expect from Shaun? Bud said he can throw in some new things if he has to spice up his runs, but nothing will be more impressive than the Double McTwist 1260. Shaun’s new trick is formidable and dangerous (Kevin Pearce was injured attempting it). What does Bud think it takes to be a gold medalist at the Olympics? You have to be a tremendous athlete (all around athlete), workout like a fiend, go huge, have the most difficult tricks and lay them down perfectly. Piece of cake. Check out the interview below.