Olympic gold medalist Seth Wescott talks about his second win

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 16, 2010 10:09 am

American Seth Wescott won the USA’s second gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. It was also the second gold for Wescott, who won earlier at the Torino Winter Games in 2006. During the four years in between, the Olympics were always on his mind. “It was my focus all season,” Wescott said.

The Sugarloaf resident spent much of his off-season time training at home in Maine while many of his teammates worked out in Park City, UT. Regardless, Wescott didn’t seem to miss a beat yesterday when he came from behind to strategically overtake Canadian Mike Robertson for the snowboardcross win. “The trials didn’t go so well. I knew I would be fighting from the bad gate,” Wescott said of his final run. “I was in fourth. Nate (Holland, USA) went down; I reeled in Tony (Ramoin, of France), drove his inside. MIke braked and I went in.”

Even though Wescott didn’t have an early lead, he had been planning to win long before he arrived in Vancouver. During the flower ceremony, he even wore a special flag he’d brought from home. “It was my late grandfather’s service flag from World War II,” Wescott said. “I brought it, boxed it, packed it. I carried it here myself. I told my dad I’m going to need it at the finish line.”

Although Wescott’s grandfather could share his win in spirit, the snowboarding champ had other family members there, too, to cheer him on. “My sister and my mom and my dad are all here. I ran into them on the way into the venue,” Wescott said. “So much of our competitive lives is (spent) away, and is travelling. To be able to compete in front of them is amazing.”