Lindsey Vonn bakes banana bread to prepare for her gold medal Olympic run

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 17, 2010 1:37 pm

Imagine you’ve been called “The Michael Phelps of…” whatever it is you do well. For me, that would be eating. Anyway, Lindsey Vonn has been called the Michael Phelps of skiing. She has been a major focus for the U.S. media going into these Games. She is expected to do well. No, not just well…she’s expected to make history. And she did today.

So if you were in her shoes, how might you be acting the night before one of the, arguably, biggest days of your life? Acting jittery? Unable to sit still? Crying? Spending hours upon hours in the yoga room? For Lindsey, all she needed was family…and banana bread.

“Lindsey’s got this amazing banana bread recipe.  It’s five brown bananas, whole wheat flour. Applesauce instead of butter. You add vanilla. And it’s so moist.  So delicious,” her mom revealed.

Yesterday, in preparation for the downhill race today that ended with Lindsey nabbing gold, the Vonns all gathered together for some quiet family time. Lindsey baked her famous banana bread, and shaved her younger brother’s head.

Lindsey’s siblings are good kids. Karin, 21, and Reed, 18, are beaming with pride. “We try not to have her think about anything. Just have a calm, fun day. We decided to shave Reed’s head. That took awhile. Had lunch.  Just hung out,” Vonn’s 21-year-old sister Karin explained.

Looks like that pre-game ritual worked wonders. Congrats to Lindsey, and to Julia Mancuso for representing the USA with flying (gold and silver) colors.