Shaun White in Playboy

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 17, 2010 8:08 am

Well…it’s not what you’re thinking. U.S. Olympic snowboard phenom Shaun White was recently interviewed for the March edition of Playboy by Jason Buhrmester. Jason asks him some awesome questions, and it’s an overall great read. Please click here to read the whole interview. Here are a couple highlights:

PLAYBOY: Where is your medal now?
WHITE: It’s funny, because I’ve misplaced it a couple of times. I called my agent randomly and said, “Hey, you have my medal, right?” He gasped—he said his heart just dropped. But he found it. It was in a dresser under a book in his house. And then one day I was in my mom’s car, and I went to put something in the back pocket of the front seat. I reached in and pulled out my medal. It was in a plastic bag. I was like, What? The ribbon had gotten dirty, so my mom took it to the dry cleaner. She gave them the whole deal, and they gave it back on a hanger. She said, “I can’t believe that cost $5 to clean. It was only this much fabric.” So I’m stoked to have it again. It’s now in a safe place in my house in California.

PLAYBOY: You won silver and gold medals at the Winter X Games while you were still in high school. How did your classmates treat you?
WHITE: That’s when it got weird. I was super-shy. I didn’t know what to do in that scenario. I remember being at school and thinking, Wow, these kids are really digging what I’m doing. This is awesome, and I’ve got all these friends. Then I started to pick apart the friends I had, like, This guy keeps asking me for stuff; this is just getting weird. I realized I was over it.

PLAYBOY: What was it like hanging in the Olympic village in 2006?
WHITE: It was tense. I was there when it was in the heat of things, because we were the first ones to go. I was just off the plane from Italy. I was dirty, my hair was huge [laughs], and I was nonchalant and fun. The other athletes were very high-strung, as they should have been; they had to do some wild stuff. I didn’t get to experience the whole deal, though. I know there was a disco downstairs, but I never made my way there.

PLAYBOY: Have you ever smoked pot with Michael Phelps?
WHITE: With Phelpsy? Old Smoke on the Water? No. To be honest, I’ve never been into going there. My friends, I’ll admit, most of them do. Because I’m not that into it, it puts me in a funny position with those guys. And now, because it’s Olympics time and everybody’s getting tested for drugs, you see them just sweating bullets, man. I’m like, Ah, whatever.