Bode Miller & Ted Ligety on the Winter Olympics stage in super G

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 18, 2010 10:48 pm

The conditions of the Dave Murray piste may not be to all the racers’ liking, but for viewers the alpine events at the Winter Olympics have been incredibly exciting to watch thus far.  The women’s downhill won by Lindsey Vonn was fast, bumpy, and gnarly.  The men’s downhill was as tough as they come on the World Cup.

Let the tailgating begin!  Tomorrow’s super G has already stirred up controversy with Ted Ligety’s Twitter comment. “Just finished free skiing the super-G hill.  It’s in horrible condition. It’s gonna be a nasty race.”

It’s highly doubtful Ligety was taking a shot at the folks prepping the hill, but that’s how Men’s race director Guenther Hujara took it.  .”It’s horrible for somebody who has been allowed to do some free skiing on that hill to say that,” Hujara told Reuters. “It’s disrespectful for all the workers who have been working night and day on the course just to make sure a few crazy guys could have a race on it.”

Americans Ted Ligety and Bode Miller will be flying around, dirt-biking the snow, to try to keep the impressive U.S. medal showing going.  Look out for Didier Cuche.  Cuche was slow in the downhill and the 35-year-old will be bringing it tomorrow.  Terrel Owens says to get your popcorn.

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