Olympic medalists Vonn, Mancuso show off speed, swimsuits

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 18, 2010 6:31 am

If Olympic organizers ever try to boost ratings with a sexy biathlon that combines downhill skiing with a bikini contest, the gold and a silver medalists might not change. 2010 Olympic downhill gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and silver medalist Julia Mancuso have both shown that they are not afraid to show a little skin.

Vonn, 25, made headlines just before the Olympics with an appearance in the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Ironically, her cover shot in a ski racing suit on the magazine’s Olympic preview issue a week earlier was criticized by some for being too “racy.” Vonn’s swimsuit issue layout came as a surprise, because her husband, sister and agents were the only ones that knew about the photo shoot done last summer in Canada.

While Vonn may have recently strayed from her “all-American, Midwestern roots” image, the free-spirited Mancuso, 25, has a history of posing for revealing photos. Also the 2006 Olympics giant slalom gold medalist, Mancuso was chosen in 2007 by Lange ski boots for its annual promotional poster. With models wearing Lange boots and not much else, the posters go back decades. After years of using scantily-clad professional models, Mancuso was the first athlete featured as a “Lange Girl.”

Mancuso started a trend among world-class skiers. U.S. Ski Team member Resi Stiegler and German Maria Riesch posed for the posters in the past two years.

Now splitting her time between the Lake Tahoe area and Hawaii, Mancuso shows off her swimsuit modeling and surfing skills on her website. She also promotes her Kiss My Tiara line of lingerie with the slogan “First thing on… last thing off.” The name of the lingerie refers to a tiara her coach gave her as a joke that she wore during slalom competition. She also wore the tiara during the gold-medal ceremony at the 2006 Olympics.

Well before Vonn’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit spread, Mancuso posed in her bikini for Outside magazine.

(Photo: JuliaMancuso.com)