Bode Miller & Andrew Weibrecht go silver/bronze in Winter Olympics super G, Svindal wins gold

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 19, 2010 12:20 pm

A huge day in the super G for the Americans, young and old.  Bode Miller adds to his legacy, taking the silver medal in super G, while Andrew Weibrecht (pictured left) begins to write his, taking the bronze.  In the end it was Norway’s greatest, Aksel Lund Svindal taking the gold.

Aksel Lund Svindal skied stiff up top, falling behind by two-tenths, but then skied a dominating, awe-inspiring run on rest of the course and snatched the lead from  Miller by a convincing 0.28 seconds.

Andrew Weibrecht skied balls-to-the-wall.  Bode Miller personifies that style.  Miller edges young gun Weibrecht by just 0.03 seconds.

Americans sitting 2-3 in the super G after all the race favorites have gone.  Racers of the Dave Murray piste battled insanely difficult conditions, making for incredible viewing.  The ability of these racers, the best racers in the world, are being pushed to the absolute limits on the Dave Murray piste. 

Bode Miller lost valuable tenths on Coaches’ Corner and was late on the last couple gates.  But, on a course as brutal as this one, no racer was going to be perfect. 

Christof Innerhoffer of Italy had an all-time recovery on the fastest part of the course.  One pre-race favorite, Carlo Janka scrubbed off speed on one fateful turn, costing his chance at a podium.

Didier Cuche was off the pace again.  Big surprise for Cuche to be sitting 0 for 2 off the podium.

Ted Ligety lost the race in Coaches’ Corner.  The most important turn of both the downhill and the super G costs Ligety a possible podium finish.

In the end, it was a huge day for the Americans who continue to have a record showing at these Vancouver Winter Olympics.   24-year-old Weibrecht adds to his amazing 2009-10 season, a coming-out season for him, and wins a bronze medal.  Bode Miller’s redemption song continues to blaze at full volume, taking the silver medal.

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