On top down under with Freeskier TV: Simon Dumont, Colby West, TJ Schiller, Peter Olenick, et al

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 19, 2010 3:51 pm

Ah, the life of a professional skier.  One could only be so lucky.  For all aspiring groms or fans of the best freeskiers in the world, check out Freeskier TV’s latest episode airing on The Ski Channel.

This episode is all about New Zealand.  Your tour guides are Christopher Jerard, publisher of Freeskier, and Chase Jarvis, the Jedi Master of ski photography.  In tow are the world’s best freestyle skiers: Simon Dumont, Colby West, TJ Schiller, JP Auclair, and Peter Olenick.

It’s a super cool inside look at all the hard work that goes into producing the amazing shots that end up in mags.  Thankfully for us, the viewers, there’s no work involved in following our ski heros.  First it’s off to Snowpark in New Zealand, then Heliworks in Queenstown for a lift into the backcountry, and lastly Cardona to watch Simon Dumont boosting double corks like nobody’s biz.

New Zealand is skiing’s summer dream.  Check the scene down under from the dude’s on top of the game.  Freeskier TV: Skiing in New Zealand, A to Zed airs on The Ski Channel, March 10.  Boom.

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