Skiings coolest, Glen Plake gets rocking piece on ABC’s Nightline

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on February 19, 2010 12:39 pm

Kudo’s to ABC’s Nightline for doing a masterful 6 minute and 23 second homage to Glen Plake along with his ‘way too hot for him’ wife Kimberly.  Glen Plake is a guy who simply speaks in wisdom.  He is a flat out wisdom bank and nothing was different here as he cuts to the chase on the soul of the sport, the reason for doing what he does and makes a clear statement that skiing is Joe Everybody’s sport as opposed Johnny Silver Spoon’s sport.

ABC’s Brian Rooney does a fine job of teeing the wisdom master up for homers, which he hammered out of the park everytime he spoke.  There was a nice little bit showing Kimberly do Plakes hair which you don’t get to see everyday as well.  Also, the Downhome Tour bus looks fantastic and you get to see Glen drive the dog. 

There was some Blizzard of AAhhhs footage in there as well as some Bill Kerig Edge of Never footage.

Great, great piece!  Congrats to ABC.

The piece was entitled “America’s Ski Bum.”  Click here to view the interview.