Who is Andrew Weibrecht? The Warbird of the Winter Olympics

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 19, 2010 6:48 pm

Andrew Weibrecht shocked a lot of folks today with his bronze medal performance in the super G.  But for anyone who’s seen him race this year, and especially to his teammates, the 24-year-old’s first podium was anything but a shock. 

After four racers, Weibrecht was in first.  Two of those first four racers crashed.  But, as the bib numbers climbed into the teens, it was becoming much more visible that Weibrecht had laid down an incredible run.

On a day where no skier was perfect, on a course that was bumpy, fast, and mean, Weibrecht did what has made his skiing stand out before it had ever landed him on a podium.  He BLAZED.

He’s a Lake Placid native, built like a redwood tree trunk — 5’6″ and coming in at 185 pounds.  Weibrecht has the skills, the power, and the mentality.  His first full year on the World Cup has been a inspiring to watch.  Weibrecht takes lines on the mountain other racers can’t or won’t take.

It was special to see Weibrecht standing on the podium with Bode Miller.  Because, like Miller, he has not only the mentality and talent to ski with fearless abandon.  I’m sure a thousand other writers have already called it a symbolic passing of the torch.  Special moment indeed. 

“It was awesome to be able to hang out with Bode at the bottom,” Weibrecht said tonight on a conference call with the media.

As for his medal performance.  Weibrecht has been quick to praise teammates, coaches, and a bit of fortune.  In pointing out that a tenth of a second separated second from seventh, Weibrecht said, “I got lucky and got on the right side of the hundredths today.”

One of the Facebook groups Weibrecht belongs to is Why does NBC hate ski racing?

Why does NBC hate ski racing?  Well, tonight, NBC is about to give a lot of love to Andrew Weibrecht.

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