Lindsey Vonn thrilled with bronze, Julia Mancuso had disadvantage by going first

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 20, 2010 1:05 pm

There are some camps of people who believe it’s gold or bust. Not us. Frankly, we think that line of thinking is ridiculous. Winning any color medal at the Olympics is an astounding feat. Lindsey Vonn agrees. While some feared she would be disappointed with herself for earning bronze during today’s Olympic Ladies’ Super-G race, that’s not at all the case. She skied a great race and is taking home another Olympic medal because of it.

“I definitely knew the other girls were having trouble at the top so I knew what line I had to take and I had a good plan,” Vonn said. “And I skied the top well, and once I got through the tough parts I kind of backed off the gas pedal. I lost some time there and I think that’s where I lost the race. But I still skied a good run, and I’m very happy with a bronze medal. I already have a gold medal. Any medal at the Olympics is truly a success and I’m happy with it.”

Vonn’s rival and friend, German super combined gold medal racer Maria Riesch thinks Lindsey could have gotten gold had she not been quite as conservative toward the end of the race. “But I’ve seen her do that in other super-Gs this year and still win,” Riesch said. “She’s so fast, sometimes it doesn’t matter.”

Julia Mancuso has had a great Olympic run this year. She’s an overall tremendous skier who, many say, simply had a disadvantage by going first today. When you go first, you can’t plan out your run based on other skiers’ course reports, and it’s also said to affect your psyche to not see any other racers before you.

“I wish I had had a little more information before I went, but that’s not possible when you go first,” said Mancuso, who finished ninth. “I knew when I crossed the finish line that I blew it. I was hoping for a slight miracle but that didn’t happen.”