United States continues to dominate world in Olympic medal count, Germany creeps up

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 23, 2010 7:30 am

As we proved with scientific evidence yesterday, the worth of a nation and their amount of power and persuasion in the world directly correlates to how many medals they win in a Winter Olympics*.

Since that is the case, things are looking good for the good ol’ US of A! Right now, we continue to lead the Olympic medal charge with 25 medals! We’ve got 7 golds, 8 silvers and 10 bronzes!

Good for Germany, as they’ve increased their medal count to 21. They’re within reach of taking our number one spot folks, so let’s hope for a solid day of medals for the US! Germany has 7 gold medals, 9 silver, 5 bronze. Norway remains in third with 14 medals: 6 gold, 3 silver, 5 bronze. The Russian Federation eeks out Canada for that number four spot with 11 medals. Canada is still in the top five, sitting at that number five spot with 10 medals.

It should be a great day of Olympic action today, with curling, speed skating, a 4X5 km Nordic Combined run, Ladies’ Ski Cross, Men’s Ice Hockey, Biathlon and of course, the Men’s Giant Slalom!

*No such scientific evidence was proven yesterday. Not even a little bit.