Which has the bigger sex appeal in the Olympics, skiing or ice dancing?

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 23, 2010 5:29 pm

We’ve spent a fair amount of time here at The Ski Channel discussing the sexiness of skiing. For us, the sport itself is sexy. I mean, we run a network devoted to action sports with a focus on winter action sports, so just the sight of a couple Rossignol’s is enough to get our juices going.

But over the years, something has evolved in skiing. It has become hotter. No, this has nothing to do with climate change. This has to do with the growing trend of winter sports athletes expressing themselves in provocative, dare I say, prurient form. Not that many of us here care…but some people really do. And we understand their argument. When we see a picture like this…

that’s all well and good…but where’s the picture of Bode Miller in tightie-whities? Are female athletes perpetuating the objectification of women by choosing to pose in Maxim, FHM and Sports Illustrated?

That’s a pretty big can of worms to open. Frankly, we’re not intelligent enough to comment. What we can do, however, is open the floor to what may promise to be an exciting debate. Which sport has a bigger sex appeal in the Olympics…skiing…or ice dancing?

Here’s an argument for ice dancing: the sport of ice dancing is, in of itself, sexy. Skiing isn’t sexy. Skiers perhaps can be sexy when all dolled up and posing for photo shoots. But sliding down the mountain on a couple of planks at 80mph vs. dancing provocatively in short skirts while holding questionably arousing positions for long amounts of time on the ice…hmmm. Seems like one is a clear winner.

On the other hand: For many people, skill and talent = sexy. Not saying the Olympic ice dancers aren’t insanely talented, because they are, but there’s something “rockstar-ish” about an Olympic skier that simply isn’t there in an ice dancer. Why? Is it the greater risk factor involved with skiing? If you fall while flying down a mountain at 80mph, you have a substantial risk of, at the best, getting knocked unconscious and suffering a concussion. If you fall while ice dancing, the majority of the time, the worst thing that happens is a judges’ poor mark. It’s the “bad boy/girl” image that ice dancing lacks. Skiing has it, and to many people, that makes it sexy.

Also, on the “pro ski” side…they’re all bundled up when they’re skiing. The outfits aren’t exactly revealing. Ice dancers don’t leave a whole lot to the imagination. So, when pictures like these emerge, it’s hard to make for an anti-ski sex appeal argument. It’s like we’ve been wondering and wondering what they look like under the uniform, and now we finally get the satisfaction of knowing.

So, dear readers, enlighten us. Which has the greater sex appeal…ice dancing, or skiing?