How Olympic ice skaters can spin like crazy and not throw up everywhere

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 25, 2010 4:15 pm

OK, I know we’re The Ski Channel, but clearly we’re watching every second of these Olympic Games that we can possibly sap up. What really gets us every time, other than the skiing, is the figure skating. How do these guys and and gals spin and spin and spin just to come up and not be dizzy and fall over? They make Dizzy Lizzy look like a child’s game. Yea, ok, so maybe it is a child’s game.

Anyway, we had our research team (“team” is used quite loosely there) find out how it is that these athletes can  handle spinning like they’re on some sort of permanent planetary axis. The answer? They’re used to it. Yep. Pretty anti-climactic. Apparently the more you skate, the more spinning doesn’t bother you. Former National skating champion Shane Douglas said “What we tell our students is to keep skating. The more you do, the less dizzy you get”. He went on to say it may take up to year to get used to it.

To initially stave off sickness, the technique is to stare at a fixed point, close your eyes, or concentrate on something else. Easier said than done if you ask us. That’s like telling a ski racer to “focus” more.