Dogs ride chair lifts better than humans

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 26, 2010 10:34 am

I know it’s mean to tease, but we all know how funny it is to watch a first-timer totally biff it trying to mount or dismount from the chairlift. Priceless stuff. Sometimes people just don’t know proper lift technique/etiquette, or sometimes they’re over-confident and don’t ask the liftie to slow the chair down when clearly they need it slowed down.

Well, just to make those people feel worse about themselves, check out this video of Alpine Meadows rescue dogs mounting chair lifts with complete and total ease.

From the Alpine Meadows blog:

“Alpine Meadows has some extreme mountain terrain to test the skill and bravado of skiers and riders. And we put an extreme amount of effort to keep our bowls, chutes and glades safe from avalanche danger.

Along with our ski patrol avalanche crews part of keeping you safe on our steep terrain is maintaining a team of patrollers and rescue dogs to find you and get you out if anything should happen.

Brian and Shooter and the Alpine Meadows Ski Patrol team work really hard to be prepared for action wherever they are needed. We love to see them on the mountain and hope that skiers and riders at Alpine Meadows feel safer knowing that they are there.

Dogs like Shooter burn a ton of calories dog-schralping through the snow and Scraps Dog Bakery in Truckee and Breeder’s Choice Dog Food keep them charging on those long days on the mountain. (Brian and the other “human patrollers” prefer more sophisticated cuisine.”