Final golden ticket for a chance to win free skis for life has been snatched

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 26, 2010 9:49 am

Congratulations to 20-year-old Maxwell Erpenbach from Souix Falls, South Dakota! He has won the fifth and final golden ticket in Seth Morrison’s Free Skis For Life contest.

Maxwell didn’t have to buy a pair of K2′s to win this ticket, he got it through the online portion of the contest. When he won…you could say he was just a tad stoked. “Words cannot describe [how I felt], I yelled for about 20 minutes then continued to hyperventilate for about 30 more minutes,” says Erpenbach. Although he lives in South Dakota, Max knows what good snow and good skiing are. “I like big mountains with steep and deep powder,” he says.

Maxie will join the other four lucky ba*tards in Seattle to compete for Free Skis fo Life. He is “beyond stoked. K2 skis is a passionate ski company. And Seth Morrison is an icon in the world of backcountry skiing.”

If Max won, his first pick of skis would be “the McConkey tribute pontoon”.