January sales drop across snowsports and outdoor sports

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 26, 2010 12:45 pm

On my daily visit to Transworld today, I stumbled upon a not so surprising or unforecasted announcement. As we foreshadowed, Janurary sales for snowsports are down as compared to previous averages.

According to Mike Lewis, of Transworld, “Snowsports sales (both ski & snowboard) dropped 4.6% this January from last year and outdoor dollar sales were 2.4% across all channels according to the Leisure Trends Group.” Mike gets straight to the point in delivering the anticdote and it looks like we see another month of negative numbers. Mike explains that, “it seems that much of the drop in these sectors may have been due to an over correction of inventory levels.” I

In the transworld article, ‘January Snowsports and Outdoor Sales Dip,’ Mike reports based on leisure trends in that “retailers were scrambling for substitute merchandise to fill holes in sizing and to fill the racks with a new look going into the final six weeks of the winter season.” Christmas sales were fairly strong considering the economic troubles although post Christmas inventory became impossible to refill. Lagging sales are due to a lack of invetory and may not be a reflection of buyers.

January sales averaged a 6% drop in outdoor and snowsports and in the specialty department we are looking at 4%. Although, with this being said we may be able to recover as the demand stays strong.