Bode Miller talks about tough Olympic slalom

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 27, 2010 10:47 am

The wet snow and rain continues to fall as one by one the world’s best skiers are being tossed out of the Whistler Olympic slalom course. First Ted Ligety got back on his skis, lost his balance and missed a gate. Immediately following, Bode Miller skied over a gate at the top of the course. American teammate Jimmy Cochran soon followed, and after skiing in a medal position, got caught up and came to a stop before finishing his run. Even though Cochran is about seven seconds back, however, he’s still one of the only men to finish. 21 of 52 men have failed to finish their first run so far.

“The conditions are unusually tough,” Miller told CTV. “The course is unlike anything else.The visibility is tough, the course set is tough…You saw how quickly I hooked a tip. You’re so close to all these gates and it can just go that way.”

Miller has won a gold, silver and bronze medal at the 2010 Games, and even though he failed to finish his slalom run (and faced a similar fate in the GS), he is pleased with his Olympic performance. “I didn’t have huge expectations for these results,” Miller said. “It was the races I was excited about. I leave here feeling like I really accomplished something.”

Asked about whether he was going to continue ski racing, Miller was relaxed and honest (as usual) and noted his injury. “I’m taking a break right now, my ankle is still pretty beaten up,” Miller said. “I’m going to take a little break to see if I can get that better and then make a decision.”