Olympic medalist Andrew Weibrecht parades around hometown of Lake Placid, gets celebrity treatment

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 1, 2010 11:36 am

Andrew Weibrecht brought his hometown of Lake Placid an unexpected surprise during these Vancouver Olympics: a bronze medal for the super-G race. To be on the podium of the Olympics was a great first accolade for the 24-year old skier. The “Warhorse” as he is commonly known, returned home this past week amidst cheers and celebrations.

The Olympic village in Lake Placid was packed with people trying to get a glimpse of the now-famous ski racer as he rode down Main Street atop a fire truck in a snow storm. The high school ski club and marching band paraded along with Andrew, holding up banners and playing music in his honor. As Hannah Kearney received her own “day”, so did Andrew Weibrecht. “Andrew Weibrecht” day will forever be known in Lake Placid, New York.

“It’s great to be home,” Weibrecht said. “It’s crazy to think somebody wants to honor me, but it’s been awesome to get all this support and excitement from my hometown. That’s what has made this whole experience so cool to me.”

The parade stopped at Weibrecht’s parents’ cafe, Mirror Lake Inn’s Cottage Cafe, where they served pints of none other than “Warhorse”.

Andrew said the fact that he grew up in a town that has hosted two Olympics (in 1932 and 1980) helped motivate him to compete at an elite level. “It got me into skiing, at Olympic venues, from a very early age,” Weibrecht said. “There’s just such a spirit about the town and the support everybody has towards athletics is great.”