Top 10 ski trails named for Winter Olympians

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 1, 2010 5:30 pm

It has to be the highest honor in skiing, to have a run named after you.   For folks with fame and cash, the honor can simply be purchased.  Per the Governator’s 54th birthday, Maria Shriver wrote a fat check to Sun Valley, and voila!  Arnold’s run, a black diamond trail that demands to be told, “I’ll be back.”

Lindsey Vonn just got hers, and it got us to thinkin’, what runs have been named for Winter Olympians, and of those, which are the best?  Eschewing honor begat by privilege (i.e. Arnold’s), The Ski Channel presents the Top 10 Ski Trails Named for Winter Olympians.   You can’t ski like these American heros, but you can ski on them.  Might want to dull your edges.



ski area: Big Mountain, Montana
ski hero: Tommy Moe
trail name: Moe-Mentum
difficulty: a doubly fun, classic blue cruiser named for Lillehammer’s double medalist

photo by Greg Floyd



ski area: Bretton Woods, New Hampshire
ski hero: Bode Miller
trail name: Bode’s Run
difficulty:  undulates like the man himself




ski area: Sun Valley, Idaho
ski hero: Gretchen Fraser
trail name: Gretchen’s Gold
difficulty: Best to warm-up before making your first run in honor of America’s first gold medalist in alpine skiing.



ski area: Squaw Valley, California
ski hero: Julia Mancuso
trail name: Julia’s Gold
difficulty: west coast blue, east coast black



ski area:  Alpental, Washington
ski hero: Debbie Armstrong
trail name: Armstrong’s Gold (serviced by Armstrong’s Express detachable quad)
difficulty: if it’s too much, just sit on Armstrong and ride back down Armstrong’s Express



ski area: Steamboat, Colorado
ski hero: Nelson Carmichael
trail name: Nelson’s
difficulty: black diamond with bumps befitting a moguls medalist



ski area: Sun Valley, Idaho
ski hero: Picabo Street
trail name: Picabo’s Street
difficulty: stay “in the moment” like the Zen master Street would








ski area: Squaw Valley, California
ski hero: Jonny Moseley
trail name: Jonny Moseley’s Run
difficulty: steep and gnarly



ski area: Vail, Colorado
ski hero: Lindsey Vonn
trail name: Lindsey’s
difficulty: steep, but accessible (kind of like Lindsey’s new appearance fee and her appeal)













ski area: Sugar Bowl
ski hero: Daron Rahlves
trail name: Rahlves’ Run
difficulty: Rahlves won the Hahnenkamm, what do you think?


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