Jay Leno gets awkward with Lindsey Vonn on The Tonight Show

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 2, 2010 6:31 am

“Behind every successful woman, there’s a man…your husband is your coach and your trainer…does that work in all aspects…the bedroom?”

Jay Leno came back to “The Tonight Show” last night amid mixed reviews. One of the negative reviews of the show actually came in Jay’s interview of US Olympic alpine skiing gold and bronze medalist Lindsey Vonn. After showing her gold-medal run, Jay mentioned Thomas Vonn, Lindsey’s husband and unofficial trainer/coach. When he asked if Thomas was also the coach in the bedroom, Lindsey sort of laughed it off nervously, but critics panned it.

Jay also brought up the “controversial” Sports Illustrated cover with Lindsey on it. Many had said Lindsey’s pose was sexist, when in reality she says, that’s just how she skis. Jay seemed to think the controversy was a bunch of baloney as well—although when he was superimposed in the same position, it didn’t look quite as good.

Did you think this was a good first show back for Jay? Check out the Lindsey segment for yourself and see what you think: