Shaun White on the radio

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 2, 2010 11:29 am

The world can’t get enough of the frozen flying tomato. This morning, Shaun White carried on his gold medal publicity tour stopping in at KROQ, Los Angeles new rock station, for an a.m. visit with Kevin & Bean. “It has only been ten days since I won the medal.” And by the sounds of it his schedule has been non-stop media chaos.

On the show this morning, Shaun walked us through the post medal frenzy starting from the morning show circuit to Oprah and Larry King live last week. “When Oprah calls, it’s not a request, it is a demand,” laughed Kevin and Bean after Shaun brought it up. Yet the television schedule continues for Shaun as he hits the late night “not-so-funny” talk shows, according to Kevin and Bean, for Lopez Tonight and Jay Leno.

Also on the show this morning, Shaun announced the release of his new video game that has been in the making for 3 years. “We are looking at a release for the holidays probably” as Shaun could barely contain the announcement as he is wildly excited for it’s final result. Shaun’s been keeping the secret for 3 years and sounded ready to burst about publicizing it.

The show lastly touched upon Shaun’s trip to Europe last week to put in some time with his European fans. He mentioned flying the RedBull jet with a stunt pilot that they were by no means expecting. Kevin & Bean joked about the statement saying, “You wouldn’t want that pilot on RedBull!”

If you missed the show this morning, no need to stress. Kevin & Bean invited Shaun back to join the cast again with the new release of his game later this year.