Get Sponsored by Jibstyle Jenna

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 3, 2010 9:09 pm

I kind of looped you in there, but the sponsorship is true in most regards. And the best part is that no skill is required.

In case you missed it, a few months back I introduced you to A website, similar to, which gives members “access” to timed sales events (or ‘proforms’ in industry babble). Meaning, with sponsorship from a friend, “wink,” you can enter events for 50% the brand being featured.

The website has been brewing and to our excitement announced it’s first sales event yesterday. is giving members (and sponsored Ski Channel members, which will soon be you) 2 days to get insane deals off Alpinestars moto gear. This is the first of many to come, but if Alpinestars is your bag of tricks you must act fast and get your gear.

To get sponsored by Jibstyle Jenna at The Ski Channel follow this link ( and request a membership. Make sure to get Hollywood and name drop so you are accepted in time to get in on the Alpinestars sale, which closes in 23 hours!

Oh, and I don’t work for It really just is that sweet. And for every sponsored rider refered by me $10 will go towards future Ski Channel giveaways!