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Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 3, 2010 7:44 pm

Many folks claim to be on the leading edge of the technology wave, but Brain Farm has already surfed it and is chowing down fish tacos.

Brain Farm calls itself a boutique production house.  A humble categorization to be sure, because for any camera junkie, the name Brain Farm elicits maximum respect and unbounded amazement. 

I was hipped to Brain Farm by Sean Flannery, The Ski Channel’s camera guru and master of visuals.  All great art compels the sharing of that art.  And as Mr. Flannery did with me, I now share with you:  click here to check out Brain Farm’s Phantom HD Gold sample reel.

At 1,052 fps (frames per second), the Phantom captures life not seen.  The flap of a butterfly’s wings.  Wood chips splaying from a chain saw.  Brain Farm is uncovering a world hidden between measurable time, bringing into sharp focus all that blurs. 

By utilizing and experimenting with technologies still in the germination stage, this boutique production house continues to advance the way we see action sports.  Exhibit A is the Travis Rice epic snowboard film, That’s It, That’s All.  With cinematography beyond the cinema, That’s It, That’s All pocketed festival awards like spare change.

“Commercial art” often times insults the phrase’s concrete noun.  Instead, we shall flip the script and bestow what is deserved.  With Brain Farm, it is art commercial.  And their latest art commercial is for Quiksilver’s Cypher Boardshort global web and TV ad campaign. 

The Phantom has been many places, but in the water was not one of them.  “We needed a way to get the Phantom in the water and no one had a water housing for it yet,” says president of Brain Farm, Curt Morgan.  “So we did what it took to make the housing and give Quiksilver something completely unique.”  ‘What it took’ was developing the first-ever untethered (not fastened by cables) water housing, which allowed Brain Farm to get next-gen, slow-motion surfing footage in the water. MacGyver would be proud.

Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Julian Wilson, and Jeremy Flores lent their surf skills to the 60-second spots. When the ads come on MTV and Fuel TV, no need to inform unsuspecting viewers that they’re really watching art.  Not the kind framed on a wall, but the kind framed and captured by the camera-wielding geniuses at Brain Farm.







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