An Olympic champion will again dominate “Dancing with the Stars”

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 5, 2010 1:22 pm

Let it be proclaimed: We, The Ski Channel, hereby know for a fact that Olympic gold medal figure skating champion Evan Lysacek will dominate this season’s “Dancing with the Stars”. Boom, quote us. It’ll happen, you just wait and see.

Apolo Ohno, speed skating Olympic phenom, won the competition before, proving that the athletic prowess and intuition of Winter Olympians are unparalleled. Plus, Lysacek is a figure skater—that means he can already dance, and the dude can do it on ice skates!! Dancing in platform shoes will be a breeze. Even Apolo said himself that Lysacek should find it pretty easy.

Ohno and Lysacek are both phenomenal athletes. They are strong, coordinated and balanced. They know what it takes to be the best, and they have the fortitude and discipline to put the necessary work in. So what we’re saying is…not only are their natural abilities clear, but the mental strength that goes along with being an Olympic gold medalist gives them an added edge.

Ohno was the champ in 2007. For 2010, get ready for another Winter Olympian to be crowned. Evan Lysacek will dominate. It has been declared.

Watch Apolo’s final dance with Julianne Hough on “Dancing” from a few years back and you’ll see the kind of domination you can expect from Lysacek.