Follow the adventures of one of the most daring skiers in the world

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 5, 2010 6:51 am

Stian Hagen is one of the most adventurous skiers out there. On the search for powder and fresh lines he travels around the world, mainly reaching peaks on his own strength.

Northern lights shimmer above the sailboats in the harbor, in the distance white peaks loom above a dark ocean. The next day, Stian Hagen is on his way with a crew on a ship to the snow-laden peaks of the Lyngen Alps for some midwinter ski touring far north of the arctic circle. “It was incredibly cold, however, the amazing light day and night this time of the year was well worth it. I have been to the North before, but always in spring. Believe me, you shouldn’t miss the midwinter experience”, says Stian upon his return to Chamonix. In case you got curious and want to learn more about Stian’s trip, go to and read the full story on Stian Hagen’s blog. In fact, there is not only the entry about the Norwegian’s travel to the great North of his home country, there are also many other interesting places to discover. The seasoned freerider and mountaineer he is, Stian is without a doubt one of the most adventurous skiers on the planet. For example, he was recently skiing several never before touched faces in Antarctica together with Chris Davenport and his wife Andrea. A recent push in his touring ambitions came from his new Marker touring bindings. With the same skiing functionality as the renowned Duke, but weighing only half as much, the Marker Tour 12 is Stian’s new favourite toy: “It’s great when hiking up is so easy. It makes reaching slopes like in the Lyngen Alps even more fun, and the skiing down is as exciting as ever.”

Stian Hagen’s blog on the Völkl website is not a typical blog, though. “I don‘t update the blog everyday, as I don’t appreciate writing about stupid everyday things”, explains the Chamonix local. ”Therefore, whenever something noteworthy happens, I try to do something nice that readers really can enjoy.” Good for the rest of the world that Stian tends to experience something interesting more often than most other people. He travels the rather uncovered places of the skiing world, be it just around the corner of everyone’s favourite steep skiing run in Chamonix or the most remote mountain range on another continent. And luckily we can join him through the internet!

His story, his skiing background definitely is not a common one: the nordic influence on Stian Hagen’s choice of sports was so big, that the only skis the Scandinavian strapped under his feet were cross-country, jumping and telemark skis. Nordic combined was his sport and he did not fix his heel until he turned 20. Only then he tried out alpine freeriding, fell in love with it and switched completely. This turned out to be for the welfare of three parties in overall. First: the freeride scene got a very supportive and very experienced freeride pioneer with the now 35-year-old. Second: Andrea Binning, also a Voelkl Freeski team rider, found in Stian her husband. Third: Stian himself. On the one hand, his experience in ski jumping, combined with his passion for freeriding, gave his luck a boost as he met that certain female freerider, called Andrea. On the other hand, cross-country skiing had been the best conditional training for his second passion, ski touring. For the rest of his training the Chamonix based Viking is doing lots of biking, sailing, climbing and trail running. Or he is just spending time in Australia, his wife’s home country, or his own
home country Norway. Only the motivation is always the same: Powder.