Larry King calls Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir fierce

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 5, 2010 7:52 am

When we wrote about the negative media coverage of Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir (reporters saying he should get a gender test and that he’s too gay for figure skating etc.), we got a flood of emails from you guys venting to us about how despicable those reporters are, how great Johnny is, how he should be proud of who he is etc. First of all, thanks for reading! Always nice to have passionate and opinionated people stopping by

Secondly, for all you who emailed us, we thought you’d like to hear Larry King himself call Johnny “fierce”. Not sure he even gets the “Project Runway” reference, but it’s definitely hilarious anyway.

Johnny Weir represented the US with a very strong showing at the Olympics. He is clearly a heavily talented individual who should go far in the sport of figure skating. We wish him the best and continued success, and hope to see him in Sochi in 2014!