New avalanche beacon to be released this fall

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 5, 2010 12:58 pm

For all of you backcountry enthusiasts out there, if you don’t go traversing the wild with an avalanche beacon…then quite frankly, you’re putting yourself in serious, possibly grave danger. Beacons save lives, we’ve seen it happen numerous, numerous times.

OK, so now that you’ll be shopping for one, check out the Ortovox 3+, which comes out this fall. It’s got a few upgrades and improvements that many other beacons lack. Firstly, the Ortovox 3+ will automatically switch which antenna is transmitting depending on which one is more horizontal at the time you need it. Beacons are held horizontally when searching for someone, so this is ideal for optimal beacon-to-beacon communication.

Also, The 3+ has an excellent set of multiple sensors that allow it to mark found victims very reliably. An LCD display uses the now classic mix of distance numbers and five direction arrows to guide you to the strongest signal first. Up to three victims can be easily marked.

The harness for the beacon is also very ergonomic and compact. For utility and quality, you should definitely check out the Ortovox 3+ for next season.