Ski Channel’s 10 Best Olympic Quotes for 2010

Posted By: Selma Al-Faqih on March 5, 2010 8:39 am



1. “The last 100 yards I couldn’t even see the gates. I was skiing on fumes.”-skier Bode Miller, USA, on winning his first Olympic gold medal.

2. “Yep, no medal again; maybe I will pop down to the shops and see if I can buy one.” -Marco Buechel, downhill skier from Liechtenstein, on his fifth Olympics with no medal.

3. “A few laps from the end I knew it was all wrong. I saw my girlfriend in the stands, her hands over her face and I thought ‘shit, this is big shit’” – Sven Kramer on being disqualified for a lane infringement in the 10 000 meters after his coach erred.

4. “I would never have dreamed of just hanging out with the king and wearing the same pants, and, you know, say, ‘Hey, you look cool, king’”-curling skip Thomas Ulsrud, of Norway, on the thought of meeting his country’s King of Norway and giving him a pair of the team’s red-and-white diamond-print pants.

5. “Being Shaun White is not easy sometimes but it’s definitely fun a lot of the times. It’s cool. Being me is a strange thing sometimes and I’m trying to get a grasp on it even now.”-Shaun White, talking about himself, after winning back-to-back Olympic halfpipe titles.

6. “We call them the Camel Bumps but suddenly they’re three and camels don’t have three bumps so I really don’t know where that third one came from but I certainly hit it.”-Chemmy Alcott, from Britain, recalls a tough, mis-named part of the women’s downhill course.

7. “Of course she’s happy. She just made it across the finish line with all body parts attached.”-a voice on the PA system after one skier at the bottom of the course smiled at the camera.

8. “Try to imagine a Pegasus mating with a unicorn and the creature that they birth. I somehow tame it and ride it into the sky in the clouds and sunshine and rainbows. That’s what it feels like.” – American snowboard cross racer Graham Watanabe’s response when asked what it feels like to be in Vancouver.

9. “It was an intense 15 minutes.” – U.S. Nordic combined skier Bill Demong, on finding out that he had been named U.S. Closing Ceremony flagbearer on the same night that he got engaged and on the same day he won gold.

10. “My sister locked me out of my Facebook.” – Canada’s Helen Upperton on shutting out distractions before competition.