Snow Magazine nails it at the Olympics with its Snow House

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on March 5, 2010 5:43 am

The genius publisher behind Bonniers Snow Magazine, Barb Sanders is as connected as anyone in the snow business.  Where a lot of publishers take a deep breathe after they make a good looking book and say “nap time,” Sanders is just getting her throwing arm warmed up.  And she doesn’t really even make a great book, she makes an earthshattering, mindmumbing one.  Big kudos to the editor and edit staff.  Snow Magazine, the Rob Roy of ski mags is the upscale of upscale.  It makes Neimans look like Big Lots.  Uh, there go our Neimans ad dollars.

But it is the stuff on top of what is supposed to be the core competancy of Snow Magazine that makes it special.  It is the Snow a la Mode in Miami.  A ski fashion show in Miami…whooo da thunk it…but of course the thing sings like Foghat.  This years Olympics were no different where Snow Mag had The Snow House.  In a beautiful art gallery in the middle of Whistler village, The Snow House became one the top couple places that you had to be if you want to be at the Olympic Games.  Of course the uber hot Sanders delivered like the UPS guy in Redondo Beach paying for his surf habit by being the greatest package hander offer on the planet after waiting 7-years for his cousin to will him the job.  Yea I just said that biiaach.

One of things that made this years Olympic Snow House soiree so unbelievable was the people in the room.   Sanders next job will undoubtedly be at William Morris as there is no one better at wrangling talent.  Check out this cast of hooligans. 

  • Erik Schlopy: Former Olympian Team USA
  • Errol Kerr: Jamaican Ski Team Skier X Olympian
  • Alberto Tomba: Olympic Skier, 3 Gold, 2 Silver Italy
  • Maria Riesch: Olympic Skier 2 Gold Medals: Germany
  • Erik Fisher: Olympic Skier: USA
  • Mike Douglas: Freeskier – Invented twin tip skis
  • Marc Girardelli: Olympic Skier 2 Silver and 5 time overall World Cup Champion
  • Seth Wescott: Olympic Snowboard Cross 2 time Gold medalist
  • Graham Watanabe: US Snowboard Cross Olympian
  • Chris Davenport: Free Skier and Mountaineer
  • Suzy Cheffee: Olympic Alpine Skier and Freestyle Skier and Chapstick Girl
  • Nicki Stone: Gold Medal Freestyle skiing
  • Steve Nyman: Olympic Skier USA
  • Summer Sanders: Olympic swimmer, 2 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze
  • Scott McCartney: US Ski Team, Former Olympian
  • Herbert Mandl: Austrian Women’s Head Coach
  • Kristin Cooper: Olympic Silver medalist
  • Jonna Mendes: Former Olympian Team USA
  • Libby Ludlow: Former Olympian Team USA
  • Kristian Ghedina: Former Olympian Italy
  • Manny Osborne-Paradis: Olympian and World Cup Winner Canada
  • Anja Paerson: Olympic Skier, 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze Sweden
  • Andrea Fischbacher: Olympic Gold Medalist, Austria
  • Julia Mancuso: Olympic Gold Medalist and 2 time Silver Medalist
  • Christof Innerhofer: World Cup winner and Olympian Italy
  • Bryon Friedman: Former US Ski Team and Musician
  • Dieter Thoma: Olympic Ski Jumper: Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals Germany
  • Steve Porino: Formier US Ski Team and NBC Olympic Commentator
  • Jessica Mendoza: Olympic Softball player, 1 gold, 1 silver
  • Nate Holland: Olympic Snowboard Cross and 5 times X Games Champion USA
  • Steven Lee: World Cup Winner and commentator: Australia
  • Todd Brooker: World cup Winner and NBC Olympic commentator
  • Willy Bogner: Fashion Designer, Filmmaker, Alpine Racer
  • Hannah Hardaway: Olympic Mogul Skier USA
  • Lionel Finance: Head Men’s Coach Team Canada
  • Bernhard Russi: Olympic Skier: Gold, and Silver medalist : Switzerland
  • Jan Hudec: World Cup winner Olympian Canada
  • Marco Buechel: Olympian, World Cup Champion, Liechtenstein
  • John Kucera: World Downhill Champion Canada
  • Devon Harris: Jamaican Bobsled Team
  • Kelly Vanderbeek: Canadian Ski Team and Olympic commentator
  • Kjetil Andre Aamodt: Olympic Skier: 4 Golds, 2 silver, 2 Bronze
  • David Jacobson: US Canadian Ambassador
  • Beckie Scott: Olympic Cross Country skier: Gold and Silver medals
  • Sebastian Amiez: Olympic Skier: 2 Silver medals France
  • Benjamin Raich: Olympic Skier: 2 Golds, 2 bronze
  • Toni Geiger: Austrian Head Coach
  • Prince Hubertus Von Hohenlohe: Olympic Skier Mexico
  • Simon Ammann: Olympic Ski Jumper: 4 Gold medals
  • Andy Baldwin: ABC’s “The Bachelor”
  • Kilian Albrecht: Austrian and Bulgarian Olympic Skier
  • Marlies Schield: Olympic Skier 2 Silver medals 1 bronze Austria