When will it be skied? Untouched 8-foot base beckons at So-Cal’s Mt. Waterman

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 5, 2010 11:01 am

It’s a massive celebration and no one can get there.

This season marks the 70th anniversary for Mt. Waterman.  The absolute hidden-gem ski area of So-Cal, Waterman offers Sierra-like terrain in the San Garbriels.  With its north-facing slopes and off-piste Avalanche Canyon, Waterman is a genetic mutation, a mathematical improbability among So-Cal ski areas.  

A scant 70 minutes from a morning surf session at Venice Beach is skiing that destroys anything found on the east coast.  It’s that good.  Its tree skiing rivals that of Mammoth Mountain’s Dragon’s Tail.  And as for crowds?   There’s longer lines right now at Toyota dealerships.

This was to be Waterman’s year!  So-Cal is the center of the El Nino dartboard, and the Snow Gods have done their duty.  A massive 6-8 foot base sits on Waterman’s slopes right now.  Untouched.

But, because of the Station Fire, the biggest in LA’s recorded history, the highway to Waterman has yet to be opened.  Every El Nino snow storm brings rain at lower elevations which brings the mudslides on Angeles Crest Highway.  It’s a perpetual toe-stubbing.

So-Cal folks wait… and wait.  When will it be skied?

Today’s update on the Waterman site:

3-5-2010 – 7am – Hello from a snowy Mt Waterman. We still have a base of 6-8 feet. However all roads into the forest will again close down to everyone when any storm is moving in. So this weekend is out with showers moving into the forest. The good news in all of this is with all the snow we have and more on the way, we should be able to run well into the spring season.

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