Olympic parties for Julia Mancuso

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 9, 2010 6:49 am

We’re so happy for Julia Mancuso! What an awe-inspiring Olympic performance. Here are her words and pictures from some Olympic parties thrown in her honor. All this was taken from her facebook page:

“So its been crazy for me to keep up with everyone and everything! I am sure you’ve all noticed that my website has been extremely over loaded! I had no idea it would be so popular! So thanks to everyone for checking in! If you are on facebook and twitter, I have been updating that daily! I will continue to update my blog here to as best I can.

The Olympics were magical and all the support from my hometown and friends and family has been incredible. I was so happy to get to go home for a day, and have an awesome party at Northstar. I really didn’t get to see everyone, so I am going to have to get back there again soon!!! Here are some pictures from that day!



What a banner!



Silver sparkles!





Right now i am sitting in Europe watching a World Cup race, and I do really miss the buzz of the Olympics! It’s great to be back on tour and skiing though. I had some fun doing some tv stuff in LA, and Vancouver but through all that, i realized my heart is in skiing right now:)

I am so stoked about getting on the podium in Crans Montana. I really felt like it would be tough with that flat course and head wind! But I really charged out there, and my skiing has been good! so with nothing to loose, i tucked my way onto that 3rd spot!

thanks for checking in and I promise to update for and take lots of pictures!

xoxo Julia”