Rest in peace Corey Haim, star of ultimate ski vs snowboard film, “Snowboard Academy”

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 10, 2010 8:25 am

As we reported earlier in the morning, actor and teen idol Corey Haim is dead. He was found in an apartment early this morning, dead of an apparent accidental overdose. Corey had struggled with substance abuse and addiction for many years, and sadly, his life was cut short today.

We all loved Corey Haim here at The Ski Channel for many reasons, but the one that sticks in our mind the most is the fact that he starred in one of the best all time skier vs. snowboarder films, “Snowboard Academy”. Jim Varney, another actor taken before his time, starred opposite Corey.

As explained by IMDB, “Snowboard Academy” is a “wacky free-for-all comedy about the riotous rivalry between snobby skiers and knuckle-dragging snowboarders”. The tagline of the film is: “The path to higher education is all downhill!” The movie came out in 1996, right when snowboarding was beginning to take off. There was a lot of animosity between skiers and snowboarders (hmm, “was”?), and this was one of the first mainstream films to capture that…in a comedic way. Watch the trailer below. Thanks for bringing snowboard awareness to Hollywood, Corey! You will be missed.