Teen idol Corey Haim dies

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 10, 2010 6:51 am

In the ski and snowboard world, we all have our idols. Sometimes, they’re so young we’re not sure how they can handle all the fame. Such was the plight of actor Corey Haim.

Corey Haim is dead at age 38 after an accidental drug overdose. He was pronounced dead early this morning in Burbank, California. Corey was a teen idol on the silver screen, and paid the price for living a Hollywood lifestyle at such a young age. He battled addiction for years.

He was found unresponsive in an apartment early this morning, an apartment his mother was in as well. Rest in peace, Mr. Haim. You entertained many people throughout your life. We will always remember your hysterical comedic performance opposite Jim Varney in 1996′s “Snowboard Academy”. Great stuff. Our condolences to the Haim family, and friends and fans of Corey all over the world.