Tom Wallisch wins European X Games Slopestyle

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 12, 2010 10:25 am

France took the halfpipe on Wednesday, but it was all USA (well, first two spots) for the slopestyle finals of the European X Games today! Tom Wallisch first, Bobby Brown second…and the lovable kiwi, Jossi Wells coming in third.

Here’s Freeskier Magazine’s Shay Williams breaking it down for us: “Wallisch’s signature clean and bangin’ style was in full effect today as he dub 1080ed, switch dub 1080ed and rightspun and leftspun and banged his way to his first X Games medal. Bobby Brown, who fell his first two runs, stomped his 3rd go at it to claim 2nd. Bobby double 1260ed, switch double 1260ed and flipped off the rainbow rail as he made his way down the long course. Jossi Wells, who came off a 6th in Superpipe on Wednesday, and claimed the bronze medal. Jossi’s cork 900s shifty made 5 ladies in the crowd faint, while his switch left 1080 to switch right 1080 combo and double 1260 melted the judges pencils.”

Men’s Final Slopestyle Results:
1) Tom Wallisch
2) Bobby Brown
3) Jossi Wells
4) TJ Schiller
5) Henrik Harlaut
6) Andreas Håtveit
7) Elias Ambuhl
8) Alex Schlopy