Norway’s Petter Northug wins 50k, Norwegian ladies sweep home podium in 30k

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 13, 2010 9:53 am

OSLO, Norway — With only two more stops on the World Cup before season’s end, Morgan Arritola (Ketchum, ID)  took the lead for the U.S., finishing 31st during the women’s 30K mass start in Norway on Saturday. It was a joyous day for Norway, with Petter Northug taking the men’s 50K and Marit Bjoergen leading a Norway podium sweep at the Holmenkollen Ski Festival, the Super Bowl of the sport of cross country ski racing.

Arritola, who was just outside the points bubble, was followed for the U.S. by Caitlin Compton (Minneapolis, MN) who was 51st and Liz Stephen (East Montpelier, VT) in 52nd.

As a special treat for all their countrymen who came to support them in Oslo’s Holmenkollen Ski Stadium, the site of next year’s World Championships, Bjoergen won with Kristin Stoermer Steira second and Therese Johaug third. Northug was followed by Italy’s Pietro Piller Cottrer in second and Vincent Vittoz of France third.

In the men’s 50K, Brian Gregg (Winthrop, WA) led the way for U.S. men, finishing 39th to mark his best World Cup result to date. James Southam (Anchorage) followed for the U.S. in 42nd and Mike Hinckley (Anchorage) marked his best long-distance result in 43rd.

The Holmenkollen World Cup in Norway continues Sunday with men’s and women’s freestyle sprints, before heading to Sweden for races in Stockholm and Falun.

Olso, Norway – March 13, 2010

Men’s 50k
1. Petter Northug, Norway, 2:09:18.5
2. Pietro Piller Cottrer, Italy, 2:09:21.4
3. Vincent Vittoz, France, 2:09:51.2
4. Anders Soedergren, Sweden, 2:10:15.9
5. Johan Olsson, Sweden, 2:10:24.5
39. Brian Gregg, Winthrop, WA, 2:20:59.8
42. James Southam, Anchorage, 2:23:29.9
43. Mike Hinckley, Anchorage, 2:23:36.6

Women’s 30K
1. Marit Bjoergen, Norway, 1:24:10.8
2. Kristin Stoermer Steira, Norway, 1:24:12.0
3. Therese Johaug, Norway, 1:24:18.8
4. Charlotte Kalla, Sweden, 1:25:00.2
5. Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle, Germany, 1:25:37.3
31. Morgan Arritola, Ketchum, ID, 1:29:45.1
51. Caitlin Compton, Minneapolis, MN, 1:35:13.8
52. Liz Stephen, East Montpelier, VT, 1:35:33.9

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