Jason Lamy Chappuis finishes Nordic Combined World Cup circuit as strongly as be began it

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 15, 2010 6:09 am

OSLO (NOR), 14 March 2010 – Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA) has won the first competition of the 2009/10 competition in Kuusamo at the end of November 2009; has won the Overall World Cup in Lahti one week ago and won the last race in this winter in Oslo today. The Frenchman won the DKB FIS Nordic Combined World Cup race in front of Felix Gottwald (AUT) and Magnus Moan (NOR)

Janne Ryynaenen (FIN) has won the Ski Jumping competition in the morning. He achieved 135 m and 135 points; Jason Lamy Chappuis touched down at 136 m but was penalized by the wind compensation and finished second with 134.6 points.

Magnus Moan was in 13th spot (1:19 minutes behind), Felix Gottwald was 18th (1:25 minutes behind).

During the Cross-Country race, Chappuis easily caught Ryynaenen, went in driving seat and paced until the end. At halftime, the disadvantage of Magnus Moan and Felix Gottwald was still 58 seconds. At the beginning of the last 2.5 km lap, Gottwald broke away from Moan, Ryynaenen and Mario Stecher, but was not able to make up all the time difference.

At the finish line, Chappuis achieved his sixth victory in this season by 14.5 seconds in front of Gottwald. Magnus Moan won the sprint for third place against Mario Stecher.

Fastest on the track was Felix Gottwald (AUT) with 24:47.8 minutes.

Austria won the Nations Cups with 3562 points; runner up was defending champion Germany with 3068 points.


Today’s top three:

1. Jason Lamy ChappuisFIN)      134.6 points (2.)/25:56.3 (19.)     25:58.3

2. Felix Gottwald (AUT)           113.7 points (18.)/24:47.8 (1.)    +14.5

3. Magnus Moan (NOR)             115.2 points (13.)/25:10.1 (2.)     +30.8


Overall standing – Final:

1. Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA) 1155, 2. Felix Gottwald (AUT) 879, 3. Magnus Moan (NOR) 747, 4. Eric Frenzel (GER) 697, 5. Tino Edelmann (GER) 641, 6. Mario Stecher (AUT) 635.

Nations Cup – Final:

1. Austria 3562, 2. Germany 3068, 3. Norway 2164, 4. France 2115, 5. USA1450, 6. Finland 1286, 7. Czech Republic 1065, 8. Japan 906, 9. Italy 735, 10. Switzerland 694, 11 Slovenia 121, 12. Poland 62, 13. Russia 10, 14. Canada 2.

Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA) – first

It was not easy to ski 10 kilometers alone in the lead. My coaches told me how far the others were behind, and I pushed as hard as I could til the end. I’m glad I made it.

In 2004, I partecipated for the first time in my career in the World Cup here in Oslo. I liked the old hill and I love the new one.

Felix Gottwald (AUT) – second

Jason has had a great season. He jumps very well, this makes it difficult to catch him on the track.
It was a nice season for me, I had a lot of fun. My jumping performance was not like in last year’s summer time.
I do not know if I will go on with my career. For sure, I will be at the 2011 Nordic World Championships here in Oslo, or as an athlete or as a fan.
I did not decide yet what I will do next season.
Magnus Moan (NOR) – third
Today, I was a little bit tired. I skied fast the first two laps, but when Felix Gottwald was skiing away I wasn#t able to follow him.
Overall, I am pleased with third place in the final ranking of the day and of the season.
I jumped better and better in this season; therefore, I am already looking confidently forward to the next season. Tis will be may goal: to deliver good jumps not only in training but also in the competitions.
CONTINENTAL CUP IN KUUSAMO: Victories for Storlien, Beetz
KUUSAMO (FIN), 14 March 2010 – During this weekend, the FIS Nordic Combined Continental Cup came also to its end in Kuusamo. On Saturday, Norway’s Ole Martin Storlien won in front of Christian Beetz (GER) and Carlos Kammerlander (AUT). On Sunday, the Germans swept the podium with Christian Beetz, Ruben Welde and Wolfgang Boesel.
Overall winner of the Continental Cup is Tomaz Druml (AUT).