New awesome ski flick trailer

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 15, 2010 2:07 pm

Well, technically it’s a teaser, not a trailer, but…whatever. Here’s the latest from Craig and Galin of CS Films:

“This season, CS Films and The Gold Project have teamed up to combine their talents with the goal of producing the best feature length film possible. The film has been shot entirely on the east coast; ranging from Pennsylvania to Maine, and everywhere in between. This season we’re combining through 200 hours of urban, park and backcountry, featuring new athletes, and trying to make the most well rounded film possible.

We came together for the first time to cover the Rails to Riches event at Killington.  In the following weeks, we started working more and more together until ultimately coming to the decision that putting our work together at the end of the season would just make sense.
This film has both skiing and snowboarding, will document our season as it happened, and will include everyone because leaving out half our friends would not do our season justice.  The joining of forces has allowed us to combine talents from both side of Lake Champlain (Galin is a UVMer and Craig lives in Lake Placid).”






CS Films and The Gold Project Teaser from Craig Stay on Vimeo.