Lindsey Vonn now an official celebrity, set to guest star on “Law & Order”

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 18, 2010 4:14 pm

Lindsey Vonn has reached several milestones. Besides making the alpine ski racing history books, she has also become something not many skiers or snowboarders have (even if their accolades are deserving of it)…a celebrity. She now gets stopped as she walks down the streets of New York. “I get that in Europe, but it’s so bizarre – and great, though – to experience that in the U.S.,” Vonn told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Upon completion of the Olympics, Lindsey made her media tour, appearing on various talk shows and the like. Now, after winning her third consecutive overall World Cup title, her stardom has only increased. While she’s enjoying the newfound fame, it can be very tiring.

“I feel like now that the Olympics are over, I can just take a deep breath and really recharge,” Vonn said. “I want to keep pushing strong for the next four or five years, however much longer I would choose to go for. You really need at least one good year when you’re having not as much to do in the springtime, because our seasons are so long. … It’s tough to always be pushing through, especially with injuries. The Olympics and world championships are always a really stressful time.

So this is really important for me to get rested up enough so I’m really excited to ski again come winter.”

Before she can relax with her family and friends in Vail, CO however, she must play up her celebrity role a bit more. In the next few weeks she will constantly be moving between New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. She’ll be working with sponsors like Procter & Gamble, attending fashion events, and enjoying her personally made dress by designer Tory Burch.

Perhaps Lindsey’s highlight of all this? “Law & Order” creator Dick Wolf heard how much she loves the show, so he cast her in an episode!

Fans of Lindsey’s on Facebook and Twitter lament that they won’t see her for another four years now that the Games are over…so she kindly reminded them all of something…”And I’m like, no, actually, we still have a World Cup,” Vonn said with a laugh.

We’ll see if her celebrity keeps up through next year’s World Cup. Perhaps she’ll be the one to help push ski racing into the mainstream. Or not.