The Red Parka Pub Challenge Cup at Attitash

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 19, 2010 5:49 pm

From all over the state and beyond, top racers descended upon Attitash today for the 37th annual Red Parka Pub Challenge Cup, a head to head race, complete with a pro jump, that has become a Mount Washington Valley ski racing tradition.

Starting with a field of over 100 racers entering the qualifying phase of the day, 32 emerged to move into the head to head, two run elimination format that is the signature of this prestigious race.

Starting at the top of Spillway and moving down through a series of knolls and the famous pro jump, the high quality of the racing stood out all day, with racers coming from all over New England to participate and compete against the best.

Presented by the Red Parka Pub, itself a Mount Washington Valley institution, the Challenge Cup represents more than just a ski race.  It’s a long standing tradition in the Valley that reunites old friends and competitors annually, bringing them together annually as if they were family. While also  providing a tremendous amount of support to a variety of worthy causes over its 37 years.

Achieving top honors in today’s 37th Annual Red Parka Pub Challenge Cup were:

1.    Heather Drummond
2.    Beata Wiktor
3.    Krissy Norton

1.    Dave Laidman
2.    Vaughn Harring
3.    Dan Baxter

B Division:
     1. Corey Madden
     2. John Spoone
     3. Sean Florian

A Division:
     1. Ben Drummond
     2. Tyler Haynes
     3. Matt Regan

Team Winner:

Blizzard Nation:
Ben Drummond
Heather Drummond
Drew Drummond
Matt Ferguson