Ane Enduerud is a Freeride World Champion again

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 22, 2010 8:07 am

Defending champion Ane Enderud repeated her double victory in Verbier this Saturday. The Marker Völkl team rider won the Nissan Xtreme for the second time in a row, thus also defending her Freeride World Tour overall title. Her teammate Jess McMillan finished
second both in the legendary Verbier Xtreme and the FWT. The freeriding world looked towards Verbier this weekend as the Nissan Xtreme concluded the 2010 Freeride World Tour. The competition was scheduled for Saturday and it started in perfect conditions. When the seven female starters gathered on top of the legendary Bec des Rosses, there were blue skies above and an untracked face with good powder snow below them. Fortunately the weather kept up throughout the ladies’ competition while the men’s contest had to be postponed later on due to incoming clouds and fog. Five of the seven starters still had a chance to win the Freeride World Tour this season, but the best run early on came from Olympic medal winner in Vancouver and wild card entry Julia Mancuso. Her fluid line down the steep face stood until the last three competitors who were also the favorites before the Verbier event: Ane Enderud and Jess McMillan of the Marker Völkl Freeski Team plus current tour leader Jaclyn Paaso. First in the start gate was defending FWT and Xtreme
champion Ane Enderud. Although a podium finish at the Xtreme would have been enough to defend her tour title due to a void result, the Norwegian didn’t hold back. A fast and solid run in one of the most exposed zones of the face including two big, perfectly landed cliff drops left no doubt about her intentions to defend both titles.

Next up was Jess McMillan. The American big mountain veteran from Jackson Hole also showed a great performance giving Ane Enderud a run for at least the Xtreme trophy. Jaclyn Paaso was a bit unlucky, then. The Squaw Valley local landed a cliff jump on a rock and fell. Thus the winner of the 2010 Freeride World Tour was already clear. But when the winners were announced at the finish to
a cheering crowd of thousands, Ane Enderud stood on top twice. Jess McMillan finished second both in the Nissan Xtreme and the FWT overall rankings, while third place in Verbier and on the tour went to Julia Mancuso and Jaclyn Paaso respectively. Ane Enderud was overwhelmed: “When I missed the first FWT stop due to an injury this season, I wasn’t even sure if I could ski the whole tour. Now I have won it again and also managed to defend my Xtreme title. I really don’t know what to say right now!“ Well, when you are undoubtedly the best freeride skier in the world, you don’t need to say much, you just let your riding speak for itself. Congratulations to the Freeride World
Champion 2010: Ane Enderud!

Ane Enderud, the current Freeride World Tour Champion, grew up in Oslo and made her first turns in Hemsedal. The 29-year-old Norwegian is now living in the freeski mekka Chamonix, which is of course a fitting place for a Freeride World Champion. It was there in Chamonix where the former alpine racer Ane started her career as a freerider. Ironically, this friendly Norse didn‘t plan to start freeriding professionally when she moved to France. After the monotony of the race course she resigned from the Norwegian national racing team and moved to Chamonix to enjoy a season of snow with two of her friends. She didn’t even take any skis, instead she took to a snowboard and a pair of telemarks. Her passion for downhill biking and surfing combined with a new found freedom in her mountain time laid the cornerstones to Ane’s calling, as a freeride skier. Besides skiing Ane is studying nutritional science and can imagine herself settling into this role after her skiing career, as she wants to continue working within sports. However, for the moment skiing is securely on the top of her menu.

She has experienced only four years of contests as a freerider. It would have taken anybody else a lifetime what Jess McMillan has reached within these four years. The overview over her successful career starts in 2006. The now 28-year-old American started her freeriding career after finishing college. As a child and teenaged ski racer Jess had dreamed of the Olympics, then she worked as a ski coach after ending up with her educational years and finally fell in love with freeriding, which means almost everything to her right now. At her first contest she finished sixth, at the end of that winter she was already Vice-Worldchampion of the IFSA and ranked second on the IFSA World Tour. The year after Jess earned the title at the US Nationals and she was crowned IFSA World Tour champion. In 2008 alone, she stood on the podium six times. Not at any small, immature contests – it was the Freeskiing World Tour Championships again, the US National Championships and the Freeride World Tour. The latter she finished second overall in the end. Now, you wanna know what 2009 was like? Well, the same! During summer, Jess McMillan loves to spend a lot of time with her husband in a kayak on the wildwater. He is a kayak professional who teached Jess to jump water falls even when they are 30 feet and taller.