Subaru Freeskiing World Championships brought a level of competition not seen before

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 22, 2010 7:41 am

Several hundred brightly clothed spectators camped out Saturday, March 20, 2010, on the bottom of Snowbird’s Silver Fox, to watch Day 1 of the Subaru Freeskiing World Championships. The athletes certainly didn’t disappoint the large crowd, there was plenty to “ooh and ahh” and even, “oh no” about, most impressive though, was the amount of competitors throwing tricks off cliffs.

Today’s level of skiing has never before been seen in the semi- finals, according to announcer and former competitor, Frankie Alistuag.

 “Every competition the level of skiing gets better,” said Event Manager Bryan Barlow at the athlete meeting this afternoon, prior to
 handing out the day’s results to a tightly packed room of anxious competitors.

 One athlete that breathed a sigh of relief after seeing the standings, for the women, was Angel Collinson, of Snowbird, who skied a quick, well-calculated line through looker’s left, weaving through tight chutes and straight-lining it over a couple small cliffs, for which she was awarded the top women’s score of the day, 35.60. Behind her in second, with a 33.53, was Sara Mancuso, of Squaw Valley, who went huge off a cliff right out of the start gate, and then skied aggressively through trees on looker’s left. She was closely followed by her cousin, Claudia Bouvier, of Vail, who opted for a fast line on looker’s right and finished it off with the first and one of the best 360°’s of the day, earning her a 33.23.

 Bouvier seemed to have inspired the men, because today’s men’s competition was all about throwing tricks.

 In the top men’s spot was Drew Stoecklin, of Alta, who skied a fast aggressive line on the top half of the venue and finished it off by
 launching a huge back flip off a spiny rock and then pointing it straight to another rock on looker’s right and stomped a 360°, earning him a 40.20. Right on his heels, in second, was Lars Chickering-Ayers, of Mad River Glen, who cleared a huge drop—which many avoided—and sent it straight into the main gut of Silver Fox, stomping it and earning him a 40.00. In third with a 39.07 was Jesse Bryan, of Snowbird, who had one of the biggest cliff stomps of the day.