Julia Mancuso wins Nationals GS at Lake Placid and breaks a 55-year-old record

Posted By: Selma Al-Faqih on March 23, 2010 7:39 pm

It’s good to be Julia Mancuso. The girl just broke a 55-year-old record held by Andrea Mead Lawrence for winning the most titles of any American. How did she do that? She collected her second straight giant slalom title at the 2010 Visa U.S. Alpine Championships at Whiteface Mountain Tuesday, winning her 11th National title.

“Coming back from a back injury I always had the goal of getting ready for the Olympics,” she said. “Even going into last season it hurt. I wanted to keep trying. Just being able to see the reward of the plan paying off was really amazing,” as reported by Lake Tahoe News.

Julia won the two run combined race with a time of 2:07:52. There was quite a bit of fog to contend with, as reported by skiracing.com. A number of the early skiers called it “too dangerous,” but Mancuso laughed saying, “it’s no different that what we had at the Olympics. There was a lot of fog there.”

She said the fog was definitely thicker toward the bottom of the course than at the top, but it still called for taking a swipe at her goggles part way down to clear the moisture from the lenses. “It’s hard to do you know, but it worked a little bit.”

Julia spent the first part of the Alpine Championships in Verbier at the Nissan Xtreme Championship in Verbeir, Switzerland, where Glen Plake cheered her on.

“It’s definitely intimidating,” she said. “It’s definitely another challenge. I’m psyched I did it.

Julia won 2 silver Olympic medals this winter in Vancouver, and has a gold from 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy.

This gorgeous photo of the lovely lady was ripped right from her Facebook page. Mind that you don’t drool into your keyboard.