One ski town university dances to the Sweet 16 in NCAA Tournament

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 23, 2010 3:51 pm

As we reported last week, ski resort towns” href=”../news/skinews/20100315/Universities-from-ski-towns-across-the-country-are-dancing-in-NCAA-Tournament”>five universities from ski resort towns qualified for “The Big Dance,” a.k.a the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.  After the first four days and two rounds of play, there is only one of these teams left standing: The mighty Huskies of the University of Washington.  The Huskies were underdogs in both of their games, as they upset 6-seeded Marquette in the first round and 3-seeded New Mexico in the second round.  They will continue to play against the favorite, as they meet 2-seeded West Viriginia in the Sweet 16 this Thursday.  Good luck to the Huskies from all of us here at The Ski Channel!