Permanent repairs begin on boulder-smashed I-70 in Colorado

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 23, 2010 6:47 am

On Monday, the Flatiron Construction Corp. began permanent repairs to the highway in Colorado that was virtually destroyed by a rockslide. The damaged section of the highway in Glenwood Canyon caused huge annoyances and disturbances for commuters, forcing them into detours of up to two hours. While one of the detours did take them through the Steamboat Springs ski area, it also took them farther away from other ski areas. In general, it has been a nightmare for drivers in Colorado.

The repairs are scheduled to be done by May 15th, but the construction firm gets a $5,000-a-day bonus if they complete it before then. Inversely, if they go past the May 15th date, $5,000 can be deducted from the contract for each day they go over.

Along with applying 400 tons of patching asphalt to the road surface, the firm must make repairs to bridge decks and walls, guardrails to a hillside concrete barrier, and a median concrete barrier. They must strengthen steel bridge girders and make some lighting and various electrical repairs.

The Colorado Department of Transportation said that work will be done during the day Monday through Saturday, and a single lane of traffic will be open in each direction during the work. The agency added that there will be times when traffic will have to be stopped briefly for the movement of equipment.

The speed limit in the work area will be 40 mph, and there is a 14-foot width restriction on vehicle.