Huge snow storm in Colorado makes skiers happy, travelers sad

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 24, 2010 2:32 pm

For the residents of the fine state of Colorado, the recent dumpage of beautiful snow was no surprise. March has the tendency to be the state’s snowiest month. That tendency was proved right today, as the snowstorm left thousands of poor souls stranded at Denver’s airport, or left with no power. Happier folks included winter sports enthusiasts and students, many of whom got a snow day. Spring breakers on a ski getaway definitely got more than hoped for with this storm.

The storm gave Denver about 9 inches, and about 23 in suburban areas. While we love this kind of news, many families were left camping in airport lobbies and the like–and we certainly feel for them. Jenny Gossow of St. Louis missed a flight out of Denver after vacationing with her family in Telluride. She, her husband, and the three children spent last night sleeping in the airport. “We were supposed to leave yesterday. We got a deck of cards, crayons, some books, and we’re just hanging out trying to sleep — but only the 2-year-old has been able to sleep.”

Greg Kinder of Great Falls, Montana spent the night in the airport’s chapel. “It was horrible, but what are you going to do? They say we’re on a different flight today, but you know, until I’m through security and getting on that plane I won’t believe it”.

As of this morning, 7,500 Xcel Energy customers were without power in the Denver area. Road closures included U.S. 6 in the mountains, over Loveland Pass. Colorado 65 near Grand Junction was also shut down for avalanche control.

The storm is moving away from the state, and now moving into Kansas and Texas.