Austrian ski cross champion Karin Huttary retires

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 26, 2010 8:09 am

On the heels of Canadian Emily Brydon’s retirement, Austrian former ski cross champion Karin Huttary will also be hanging up her ski jacket. She recently had surgery on her knee and decided it would be best for her body to retire now.

The Austrian Ski Federation released a statement explaining Huttary has “come to a point where health has become a main issue regarding [her] future life”. The 32-year-old hurt her knee in a crash in Grindelwald on March 12th.

In 2005, Huttary won gold at the first ever ski cross world championships. Four years later, she took home silver. During last month’s Olympic ski cross race, she finished fourth, and she has four World Cup titles. She had started her career as an alpine skier but switched over to ski cross in 2001.

Congratulations on a great career Karin!