We, the public, have a say on Heavenly Mountain Resort’s plans for upgrades

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 26, 2010 8:19 am

Cool development here. The Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort in the Lake Tahoe area is planning a series of upgrades. While on paper they all sound cool, the fine print includes the removal of some trees.

The upgrade project includes a 14,750-square-foot lodge near the top of the Gondola, a new high-speed lift to replace the Galaxy Lift and four new runs near the Galaxy Lift. The lodge would feature a self-service restaurant, a bar and restrooms. All of these projects would require the removal of trees.

So why is this cool?

Because we have a say as to whether it should happen or not. The U.S. Forest Service is accepting public comment on the matter. Think that no trees should be harmed in the upgrading of a ski resort? They want to hear from you! Think that sacrificing a small number of trees for the name of great ski ambience is OK? They want to hear from you!

You can put in your two cents now through April 11th. Contact the Forest Service for more info.